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Operation: Harry Lee

We discovered a secret training facility in southern Mexico after the raid of Bastion de Pollux. This training facility known after their founding commander, General Harry Lee, is the gathering grounds for many of the mercenaries that Castor Pollux has been using.

Ghost Mission
1 Take out as many mercenary soldiers as possible
2 Extract

Special Instructions:
There are 4 “coop_Bogie_Harry_” versions of these maps that consist of 706 Enemy AI, 1,222 Enemy AI, 1,605 Enemy AI and a killer 2,056 Enemy AI. Each of these AI version have a Day1, Day2, Day3 and Night environments and have been tested on LAN and Dedicated Web servers using the new weapons set and Brettzies.

95% of the Enemy Sniper AI for each version of the sixteen maps has been rearranged to provide a different experience each time.

The 2,056 and 1,605 Enemy AI versions may not run on lower or mid range servers and will degrade performance for dual host\client machines, even if the PC is a more powerful one. If you see many errors as it pertains to the Holding of AI weapons or AI Hive Brains, then please play a mission with less enemy AI.

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Documentation link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.

Special Thanks the beta testers:
Rocky @, Viper and his team @ AGB (, Davros @, JohnTC02 (AKA Bushmaster), Ares and the rest of the OutlawZ clan, The crew at TAW (, Twix, Anthony, Vitale, RPGhard, and Sightreader and his team.

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